Coaxial MG in MBTs doesn't auto zero
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When using the on-board laser rangefinder, the coaxial gun doesn't auto zero to that range (as it does in all Vanilla vehicles with a laser rangefinder),


Affected classnames
All MBT Coaxial MGs

not all vehicles do autoranging for coax

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All vanilla vehicles that have a laser rangefinder do.

doesn't seem to make sense that the MG3 on the leopard 2 of all things just wouldn't

neither the m60 nor the challenger 2 do, havent checked the others but im sure there's more, so no, not all vehicles do that

No I meant vanilla, I realize that you guys seem to have chosen not to implement that vanilla feature into any of the tanks.

it was added in an update awhile ago and none of the CUP MBTs seem to have been updated to include it for their coax.

I'll adjust the ticket now, I've always used AI for my gunner so I never realized they didn't have this feature until some testing I did recently.

what im saying is thats intentional

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Oh, may I ask why so? It's a convenient system in place in vanilla vics, and it certainly makes sense to have for the modern MBTs such as the Challenger, T-90, Leopard, and Abrams.

Also, it seems the system is already in place with the coaxials of APCs such as the Bradley, so it only seems logical that it be included in the MBTs

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