Type 56 GP-25 Request
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Would be nice to have a GL version of the Chinese Type 56


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dancemoox created this task.Fri, Mar 8, 9:51 PM
Dusin added a subscriber: Dusin.Fri, Mar 8, 11:19 PM

Does it has GL version IRL?
We have only GP-25 model, but does it have chinesse copy?

Guess we can just "tune" Type with soviet GL, but if you have some info/correct names - it will help

I don't think China ever manufactured their own domestic copy of a GP-25. However I don't see any reason an armourer couldn't fit a standard Soviet made AKM GP launcher to the Type 56 given they share the same dimensions.

Additionally the Type 56 in CUP doesn't have the usual folding bayonet under the barrel that would normally prevent an under slung attachment. As for naming, same scheme as the AKM would probably do - "Type 56-2 GP-25".