Taurus Tracker 455 is strictly a 5 round gun
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The Taurus 455 is a 5 shot 45. ACP handgun, yet the model in game is a 6 shot revolver for 45. ACP. Therefore it currently depicts a gun that doesn't exist under the name of a different firearm entirely.


Affected classnames
CUP_hgun_TaurusTracker455, CUP_hgun_TaurusTracker455_gold

This is not necessarily true.
Depending on the spacing of the chambers in a revolver's cylinder it may not be able to use speed loaders or moon clips from a different revolver, even if they are the same calibre.

Actually your comment exposes a completely different issue, upon further research the Taurus 455 is a 5 shot revolver (https://www.genitron.com/Handgun/Taurus/Revolver/455-Tracker/45-Auto/Variant-2), yet the model in-game is a 6 shot revolver. I'll be changing this ticket to reflect that issue, as it completely nullifies the bug I previously had for it.

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This was probably why in ArmA 2 it was just called the "Revolver" rather than a specific weapon name, as it doesn't actually exist in real life.

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  1. BIS modeled 6 round chamber
  2. Need a lot of resources (which we do not have) to re-model gun, so everything remains as it is
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Yes that's exactly why it should be renamed to "Revolver" as BIS did for Arma 2. Cause the gun itself is not a Taurus Tracker 455 and it's a low effort solution in lieu of creating an actual Taurus 455.