NLAW has insufficient range
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The maximum firing distance of the NLAW is 1000 meters (with the system being able to lock targets up to that range), but the in-game NLAW cannot lock onto targets beyond 500 meters.


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The maximum firing distance is 1000m, however the effective range is that of 600m.
Unless you've got some documentation of the locking system ranging up to 1000m, I'd say it makes sense that it can't reach as far as you're asking it to. and The system received software updates to extend its guidance range to 800m and above, with an absolute propellant limit of 1000m. So yes it can.

Do note these are not "modern" MBT-LAW's
The model, rounds, and internals are ports of ARMA 2.
I'm going to go ahead and mention if you'd like a more modern one, just use the Vanilla launcher.
Though CUP's outlook on this may or may not be different so it's up to them.

They said themselves that they didn't want their content to be a "simple port" and they made that choice when they gave the NLAW guidance to begin with. In Arma 2 it was a direct fire weapon only.

Well then there you go, it's been improved upon. It's not an A2 clone, and it's not comparable to the A3 Vanilla launcher due to the slight decrease in performance.
It'd fit well with the rest of CUP equipment.

And even if they were to make the decision to make their NLAW a literal first generation 2008-2009 NLAW the range would still be off as those had a maximum guidance range of 600m. And your comment on the PCML is pointless because the NLAW is superior in every way to it, even without its proper ranging. Both have a 500m range, but the NLAW does more damage and has the correct lock time (unlike the PCML's unrealistically slow lock time, especially for a purported 2035 weapons system).

Well unless someone specifies whether or not it's an issue that needs to be fixed or not.
But at least effective range has been mentioned.

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Yeah there is a reason the priority system for this tracker exists, everyone seems to believe that all tickets seem to represent some sort of imminent and immediate demand for them to be resolved. And it doesn't help that a lot of the tickets simply aren't prioritized and are simply left on "Needs Review".

And it doesn't help that a lot of the tickets simply aren't prioritized and are simply left on "Needs Review".

This may come as a surprise to you, but we're not here to help anyone. This kind of comment got you banned from the Discord; I would ask you to tone it down or you will find the same happening here.

The priority system doesn't help me or any of the non-devs in the slightest, it's supposed to be a system to help YOU or any other future dev know the priority of each ticket. Being belligerent to a person who simply posts bug reports is unproductive and only serves to make you and the entire CUP team that you represent look unprofessional.

the entire CUP team that you represent look unprofessional

Zero fucks given, especially coming from a guy that got himself banned from our Discord. Now, please stop having discussions on the ticket.

Being banned from your one public forum means I only have one way to communicate with the devs...and that's here.

..and that's here.

You could interpret the ban on discord as a desire not to communicate with our devs. You had a chance like anyone else. You blew it, and we have been VERY patient with you (normally ban comes much sooner) because of your work here. However, it seems to me that you have absolutely zero skills in constraining yourself, so please be a bit more restrained before I have to repeat the ban here. Okay?

If you have any special grievances feel free to write me a PM on the BIS forum, or via Discord. But I do not want to see one more discussion comment on any of our tickets. Have I made myself clear?

There wasn't any non-ticket related discussion here until you took issue to something I said and decided to comment on it here. If you don't want any further frivolous discussion then don't initiate it; that being said lets just end this "conversation" here.

And there we go again, you just cannot help yourself.

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Will be same as vanilla

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