Bug - AAV-P7/A1 UGWS barrel depression below 0 degrees
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ISSUE: Since the last CUPdate, the AAV-P7/A1 Up-Gunned Weapons Station is no longer able to depress its barrels below 0 degrees (horizon). The UGWS should have a -8 degree depression capability, and did before the CUPdate, but something in the fixes that were applied to the AAV removed that; the UGWS can only elevate 0 degrees to 45 degrees now.

The CUPdate did fix the tanks-DLC-broken gearbox though :) thank you all for that effort, and for all the tireless work you put into fixing and improving everything you have.


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do you have any technical data on what the min and max elevation of the turret should be?

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http://weaponsystems.net/weaponsystem/CC01%20-%20ASV-150.html from a quick google search, seems to support the -8 to 45 degrees he said

got it thanks

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