AI will not engage through windows
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AI will track you and see you through glass, but are unable to shoot through the glass. This happens on any building, any map.
mods loaded: Cup Terrains Core, Cup Terrains Maps, CBA_A3
Stable version used.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a blufor unit on one side of glass, and opfor on other side, facing each other.
  2. Watch as they stare at each other.

What should happen (this is with same modset) -
What is happening (Again same modset) -


Reproducable without other mods?
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Confirmed happening on dev branch as well, is not just through the glass but through the window entirely. If the window is broken they still continue to not engage. Interestingly after shooting out the window and then walking into the building and letting the BLUFOR AI within shoot me, the OPFOR AI outside finally reacted and went to combat mode, engaging and killing the BLUFOR AI before it could fully kill me.

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Place a unit in a window named bob, as a player go stand outside the window. Get them staring at each other, then do bob reveal [player,4] in dev console and see if he suddenly engages.

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This seems to be a slightly more complex issue. It happens in some cases, i experienced windows they would not shoot through, as well as windows they will and windows they can only shoot through certain angles. Which possibly points to issues in the models.

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