Gunpod fire density
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When firing more than two of the same gun-pod you don't get more than two streams of fire. For example, if you had four GAU-19 pods on a UH-60 when you fired you'd have the correct amount of ammo, but would only have two streams of bullets from the same two gun-pods.


Affected classnames
All gunpods

(weapon set to fast - 5 blips)
4x gunpods = 59 rps
1x gunpods = 29.7 rps

some testing code

[z] call CBA_fnc_addUnitTrackProjectiles;
z addEventHandler ["Fired", {
    if (isNil "x_start") then {
        x_start = time;
        x_count = 1;
    } else {
        x_count = x_count + 1;
        private _diff = (time - x_start) max 0.0001;
        systemChat format ["%1 @ %2 rps", x_count, (x_count / _diff) toFixed 2];


Using just the vanilla Mi-48 I get similar results, so I think this might be a BIS issue
It seems to only fire addition pods if they are in the mirror position, so 2 pods on one side won't fire together.

I've seen this before, it's a BI issue.

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Yeah I've posted a bug report on it to the ArmA 3 bug tracker, so one of you guys can go ahead and close this ticket since it ain't just CUP related.

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