MAAWS Rocket round Issues
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Was messing around with the Vanilla MAAWS (Added in the Tanks DLC), when I noticed the CUP Rocket Rounds could be loaded into it now. Upon testing, the Rocket rounds seem to have less accuracy than the Vanilla HEAT shells.
IRL the Rocket Rounds were supposed to be effective up to 1000m. But with testing they had roughly 100m spread at 800m.
Meanwhile the Vanilla rounds had little to none.


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I think it may be because they're tuned with the accuracy values for the M3 MAAWS that the CUP version seems to be based off of. Although there shouldn't be any accuracy differences between the vanilla version that seems to be based off of the M3E1 MAAWS (which only introduced improved rangefinders and is lighter) and the M3 MAAWS. Hopefully the new version of the MAAWS that they're working on remedies these weird accuracy issues between the ammunition and launchers.

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