These tracked vehicles are missing the tank DLC PhsyX track upgrades
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Legend for missing
TB=Track breaking (tracks wont lock to brake the tracked vehicle quickly instead the vech will do a long and arduous roll to a stop.
TG=Track geometry (tracks wont climb/pull itself over rocks and terrain objects and still act like wheels from before the tank dlc)

Challenger 2-TB,TG
FV432 Bulldog -TB,TG
M113 including vlads -TB
M1ABRAMS -TB (stops rather quick regardless)
Bradly -TB (stops quickly anyways) TG (will pull itself over objects but struggles and you can tell the track is acting like wheels
Warrior -TG
T-55 - TB

ZSU23 and T-55 will also reach their max speed have some sort of gearbox issue, will drop down about 5kph then bump back up to max speed again in a constant repeating process.

Tested in virtual arsenal.
All track CUP vechs where tested ones not mentioned here seemed to perform fine withing the tank DLC standard.


Reproducable without other mods?