Smoke countermeasures issue for the MGS Strykers
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All the MGS Strykers require you to be turned out in order to deploy the smoke which functionally doesn't make sense since the button for the smoke launchers is inside the vehicle, being forced to turn out only puts the crew in danger of small arms fire or the explosion of the incoming ATGM. Not to mention it's confused a fair few people I've seen use the MGS Stryker for the first time, since all other CUP vehicles and vanilla vehicles allow you to deploy the smoke from inside of the vehicle.


Affected classnames
CUP_B_M1128_MGS_Desert, CUP_B_M1128_MGS_Desert_Slat, CUP_B_M1128_MGS_Woodland, CUP_B_M1128_MGS_Woodland_Slat
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Strykers are in urgent need of a general overhaul. Planned for the next update.

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