Missiles that give warning when they shouldn't
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The indicated missiles set off the missile warning system, despite their use of a SALCOS system that gives no warning to the target (a functional example would be the Verona, which BIS made to not set off these systems and is therefore advantageous in that aspect).


Affected classnames
CUP_M_Shturm_9K114_AT6_Spiral_AT, CUP_M_Ataka_V_9M120_AT9_Spiral_2_AT, CUP_M_3M11_AT2_Falanga_AT, CUP_M_47_AT_EP1, CUP_M_9M119M_Bastion_AT11_Sniper_AT, CUP_M_9K116_1_Bastion_AT10_Stabber_AT, CUP_Weapon_launch_Metis, CUP_R_TOW_AT, CUP_M_9K11_AT3_Sagger_AT, CUP_M_9M113_AT5_Spandrel_AT, CUP_M_9K115_2_AT13_Saxhorn_2_AT,
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