BMP-3 returns wrong array with fullCrew command
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The full BMP-3 returns this array with fullCrew:

[[B Alpha 1-2:1 (Sarogahtyp),"driver",-1,[],false],[B Alpha 1-3:1,"cargo",0,[],false],[B Alpha 1-3:2,"cargo",1,[],false],[B Alpha 1-3:3,"cargo",2,[],false],
[B Alpha 1-3:4,"cargo",3,[],false],[B Alpha 1-3:5,"cargo",4,[],false],[B Alpha 1-3:6,"gunner",-1,[0],false],[B Alpha 1-3:7,"commander",-1,[0,0],false],

there are 2 gunner seats which are returned but can't be embarked. I checked that these are not some locked turrets as in Ka-52.
I see no way for detect the correct seat number and role with fullCrew.
Any workaround advices would be much apreciated.


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are you sure they're not just the two front gun seats? the BMP3 has two hull guns, one on each side

I ll test that. MAybe that it are seats but the gunner role on these seats is breaking the assignAsGunner and moveInAsGunner commands cause you cant handle more than one gunner with it. If these are existing seats then it should be turrets. I ll test if I can move AI in those seats by handling it as turret instead of a gunner seat.

Ok. These are existing seats and can be used with assignAsTurret and moveInTurret but as I said this is breaking the gunner commands. a vehicle should have one gunner which is the one on the main gun. All others should have turret role.

not sure what you mean by turret role, all turrets are gunners or commanders, there's no third option as far as i remember

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each vehicle has 1 gunner, 1 driver, 1 commander which are assigned and moved in a vehicle with the corresponding commands assignInAsGunner/Driver/Commander. each other seat is cargo or turret. on cargo seats soldiers can do nothing then be carried. turret seats are all additional (additional to gunner) gun turrets. they have as last element of the fullCrew array a false.
then you also have cargo seats which are able to FFV. These are turret role seats with last element of the fullCrew array as true.

you just can not do 3 gunner seats because nobody can identify the main gunner then. Also one will assign and moveing in an AI to the seat which role is gunner with assignAsGunner and movinAsGunner. This comand can't handle 3 different gunner role seats. This means the 2nd and 3rd gunner seat can not be filled with that command.

To fill it I used a workaround where I use assignAsTurret and moveInTurret commands to fill all gunner position. but as I told above if I do it this way then I ve no chance to identify the gunner on the main gun which BI has thought the gunner role for.

The turret role can be found on the wiki in the alternative Syntax of the fullCrew command description or by just viewing the returning array of fullCrew when using it on any vehicle which has more than one seat with a mounted gun.

EDIT: I guess I already viewed 50-70 CUP vehicles. This one is the first which has more than 1 gunner seat. All other did it as described above. 1 driver, 1 commander, 1 gunner, x turrets (additional) mounted guns, x turret with FFV true and x cargo seats

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its probably an issue with primarygunner config entry in the turrets