CDF 6B3 vests and new SLA vests bug with shadows and texture
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All CDF 6B3 vests are afflicted by some sort of texture bug: if you look at them from about 10 meters behind the back pouch and the two canteens become white and shiny.

Also, in all the "MG" and "no back pouch" variants the shadow of the pouch is still present.

Those bugs are also present in the new SLA vests introduced with 1.12.0 since they share the same model of the CDF ones.


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Affected classnames
all CUP_V_CDF_6B3_[...] and all CUP_V_0_SLA_6B3_[...]
Reproducable without other mods?
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Wrong materials on lod2 (and maybe other reslods), mat for belt metal parts applied to pouches

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