MQ-9 does not include Arma3 Radar/IR/Visual profile
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Other drones have radar, visual, and IR profiles that effect AI and equipment ability to detect them (seemingly by dividing true distance by profile coefficient to arrive at perceived distance: a drone with a radar profile of .5 would only show up on 16km radar when it enters 8km range; A drone with a .7 visual profile would be seen by AI at 350m when they would normally see it at 500m).

Some initial testing seems to point to the fact that the MQ-9 is missing these coefficients, limiting its usability.

Tested with CBA_A3, Cup Units, Weapons, Vehicles (Arma dependency recommendation)


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Yeah but the MQ-9 is bigger than a Cessna, not small like all the other drones. So stuff would have no problem detecting it.

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Ignore last comment, acute reading failiure. The MQ-9 as pointed out by Goopy is a rather sizable aircraft, and is in no way low-observable ("stealthy"). As such it's only reasonable that it'd be rather easy to detect, being bloody large and conspicous.

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