MT-LB zig zag path finding issue
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I've noticed that the MT-LB zig zags while in safe mode and trying to follow a road. It'll drive across the road, correct and try to get back on but then crosses the road again to the other side repeating.

To replicate place an MT-LB on a road on Altis, anywhere. Start the mission, (if you didn't change anything you'll be the gunner/team leader). Order "SAFE" then give a move order to any near by road. Every time I do this the MT-LB zig zags back and forth over the road while trying to follow it. After the test I tried a few vanilla vehicles from the same spot ordering to the same target destination, and the vehicles followed the road. I also tried the same route with a CUP BTR-90 and a BMP2 and they did not exhibit this behaviour.


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Reproducable without other mods?
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It appears to want to drive either in the middle of the road or on the left side instead of sticking to the right.

It appears to have issues braking, resulting in it running straight through intersections or sharp turns.

It appears to only stop 10-15m after hitting a waypoint, and up until that point run in a straight line.

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