MT-LB zig zag path finding issue
Needs Review, Needs TriagePublic


I've noticed that the MT-LB zig zags while in safe mode and trying to follow a road. It'll drive across the road, correct and try to get back on but then crosses the road again to the other side repeating.

To replicate place an MT-LB on a road on Altis, anywhere. Start the mission, (if you didn't change anything you'll be the gunner/team leader). Order "SAFE" then give a move order to any near by road. Every time I do this the MT-LB zig zags back and forth over the road while trying to follow it. After the test I tried a few vanilla vehicles from the same spot ordering to the same target destination, and the vehicles followed the road. I also tried the same route with a CUP BTR-90 and a BMP2 and they did not exhibit this behaviour.


Reproducable without other mods?