CSAT Missing the Mi-171sh
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The Czech forces currently have the export variant of the Mi-8AMTSh (the Mi-171Sh), yet the Mi-171sh is missing on the CSAT and CSAT pacific sides (both Iran and China recieved Mi-171Sh's)


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thats how it was in a2, russia had the version with clamshell doors, ACR had the version with the ramp. unless you have a texture for it its not going to change

Goopy added a comment.Apr 12 2019, 3:16 PM

@Chairborne Actually I do have the texture, it's the current Mi-171Sh model. The only difference between the Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-171Sh is what armaments they could carry, with the Mi-8AMTSh having the same choice of weapons as the MI-24V. So to make that happen somebody would just have to take the Mi-171Sh model that's already made, paste in the same weapons list as is on the Mi-24V, give it the same camo as the other Russian Mi-8s, and then change it's name to Mi-8AMTSh. And with that being said I see no reason for this ticket to remain closed.

the mi171 is the export model (the one in russian service has a different nose section), you dont have a texture for it, and the current layout is correct to a2, now you have three reasons why this ticket will remain closed

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Hmm, it appears you're right about the nose section. Well I'll adjust the ticket to make it about CSAT, it makes sense for them to have received the Mi-171Sh (as Iran and China have received them) and you can do pretty much the same thing I said in my previous comment, but you give them a CSAT and CSAT Pacific livery and keep the name (so it may be slightly less work than what I said before lol)

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again, unless you have a texture for it, it's not going to happen, making requests like this accomplishes nothing.

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The reason I switched it to CSAT is because there wouldn't need to be a new texture, the one M-171Sh that's already in the mod can just be copied and pasted into CSAT with just a simple camo swap. There is no visual difference between the two because they're the same aircraft, just serving under a different nation.

a simple camo swap requires someone to make a texture first.

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Wouldn't that require much less, if no real work at all if all they're doing is taking an existing texture and recoloring it with a new camo?

well you can try by yourself and give yourself an answer to that question :)

Goopy added a comment.Apr 12 2019, 3:45 PM

Well if I knew the least bit about working with ArmA assets I'd have already done that and pmed one of you guys with the finished product and not bothered with the ticket, but here we are. Irregardless, considering what this is I don't see a lot of reason for it to stay invalid in it's current form as it is sensible for CSAT to have the Mi-171Sh.

Its sensible for a lot of factions to have lots of stuff but tickets like this are meaningless and only serve to clutter the dev tracker with pointless crap.
CSAT is not missing anything since the vehicles they own are already in vanilla, so the ticket is still invalid.

Goopy added a comment.Apr 12 2019, 3:57 PM

What? If CSAT wasn't missing anything then why are various CUP APCs and helicopters in CSAT to begin with (including the normal Mi-8)? That view is contradictory with what you have currently in the mod.

stop whining and playing stupid, last call