All Russian/Ex-Soviet helmets have identical/erroneous statistics
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The outdated steel 6B27, the misnamed 6B46 (which appears to be a 6B47 variant), and the most modern and in production composite 6B47 all have identical ballistic protection, explosive protection, and weight stats. The 90s era composite Zsh-1 on the other hand is the most protective one out of them all.

Expected result:

  • 6B27 is same protection level as ACH (with bigger protected area, so explosion protection may be a bit higher), in russian sources it has armor class 1. Weight 1.25kg
  • 6B47 is like lighter version of 6b27 with same protection (armor class 1). Weight: 1kg
  • ZSh-1 is same or a bit lower protection for old model (armor class 1, weight 1.4kg), new ZSh-1-2M has armor level 2 and weight 2.3kg (w/o shield)
  • Altyn/K-6 has armor class 2, so it should have max. protection level and weight (up to 4 kg with shield) among russian helmets
  • SSh-60/68 has very low protection (about 35% of 6b27) and weight about 1.3kg


Affected classnames
CUP_H_RUS_ZSH_1, CUP_H_RUS_ZSH_1_Goggles, CUP_H_RUS_6B46, CUP_H_RUS_6B47, CUP_H_RUS_6B47_SF, CUP_H_RUS_6B27_NVG, CUP_H_RUS_6B27_olive, CUP_H_RUS_6B27, CUP_H_RUS_6B27_olive_NVG
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