M4 SBR nearly identical weapon stats to the standard M4A1
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Despite being the SBR variant of the M4 it has the exact same range value as the normal M4A1.


Affected classnames
CUP_arifle_SBR_black, CUP_arifle_SBR_od
Reproducable without other mods?
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Please, provide expected behavior (what exact result should be achieved)

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Upon doing further research I have realized that barrel length affects velocity more than accuracy, therefore the range of the SBR variants should be slightly lower rather than the accuracy values.

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IIRC the Range stat in the Virtual Arsenal is based on the maximumRange config value for its fire modes.

This config entry just give the maximum range at which AI will engage using that specific fire mode.

I don't know which fire mode the game chooses to display for the arsenal range stat for sure but it's probably the first one in the modes config entry, which may or may not be one that the player even has access to.

So basically this stat is completely useless for the player.