Firefighter's helmet erroneous stats
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Firefighting helmets provide impact and thermal protection, not any kind of ballistic protection. The stats for the helmet should be like those found on the IDAP hard hats (H_Construction_basic_black_f).


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Many firefighters, at least where i am, use military issue helmets in slighly modified variants. The base material is often aramid with temp protection coating. In the 90s and early 2000s german fire fightes used modified helmets based on the M92 military issue combat helmets. Since this is not the case around the world, wishlist prio.

Goopy added a comment.May 26 2019, 5:38 AM

The helmet model that's currently in CUP is not based on one of those helmets, it appears to be a generic fireman's hat which are typically made of aluminium/nickel alloys or plastic mixed with composites. None of which are rated for ballistic protection. However I am aware of what you're talking about, for example the Germans used a derivative of their military helmet for their firemen.

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