AN/PEQ-2 (Top) mounting position
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The PEQ-2 (Top) mounts a little too far back and a little too low, it seems. This is mostly an issue on RHS weapons, but it also shows on the M4A1 (Grip) variants.

This might be just an issue with the size of the CUP M4's handguards in comparison to RHS, but it also seems like the PEQ-2s can at least be moved forward a bit, so that the front of the laser aligns with the front of the handguard. The M4A1 (Grip) variants might also need their laser proxies moved forward to match the standard rifles.


Affected classnames
cup_acc_anpeq_2_black_top, CUP_arifle_M4A3_black
Reproducable without other mods?
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