weird looking places... Gas station,incomplete roads,collided objects....etc
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Map Visual issues...
pictures: *Edit: Picture Locations -Grid: X_10369 Y_1813 --
weird textures -Grid: X_11194 Y_6552 --wrong placed objects - Grid: X_9412 Y_8955 --
wrong placed objects 2 - Grid: X_7262 Y_7658 --Roads missing -Grid: X_10747 Y_8216 --
Roads missing 2 -Grid: X_10151 Y_5305 --incomplete Roads
pictures: *Edit: Picture Locations -Grid: X_681 Y_1122 -- Floating object -Grid: X_1364 Y_1564 --
incomplete Road -Grid: X_1204 Y_1453 -- wrong location for trees (above concrete) -Grid: X_1406 Y_1764 - -
wrong road direction -Grid: X_1455 Y_1725 --weird textures -Grid: X_681 Y_ 1122 --
same as above with different pic


Reproducable without other mods?
AirShark created this task.Jun 9 2019, 5:24 PM

If you want this to be solved as fast as possible I recommend going back and finding the exact locations for these images and updating your ticket accordingly. Because I can imagine it being real hard having to search through all these objects on the map to find the few that are listed here. Also you should place the proper tags on this ticket (terrain) so that it shows up on a more specific list of tickets for them to work on.

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Note: the pictures and the locations above are just examples... take a deep look in Chernarus you will find others, Moreover i found incomplete roads in Takistani map as well.

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