Uniforms compatibility to goggles items
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As CUP now has some accessories items in goggles slot (watch, gps and combo) and some mods introduced such items too (e.g. DHI with gloves/kneepads) - i think CUP's uniforms should be compatible with them.

To make them compatible, \A3\Characters_F\Proxies\glasses proxy should be added to resolution LODs (including View-Pilot ) of uniform.

BIO2 script to add proxy to model automatically is available here: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/diffusion/SOURCESVN/browse/CUP_Unfinished/Weapons/Master%20Models/script/addUniformGogglesProxy.bio2s

Bulk version of the script (allows to process several models automatically): https://dev.cup-arma3.org/diffusion/SOURCESVN/browse/CUP_Unfinished/Weapons/Master%20Models/script/Bulk_addUniformGogglesProxy.bio2s


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Added proxy for all CUP unifroms except CUP_Creatures_People_Military_Germany