Broken lod model or not?
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After an update unknown to me, the quality of the tree models on all maps broke. Model rendering is terrible. Have you already found this error? Did you fix it?


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Cannot Reproduce.

This is Zagrabad. There are no such problems drawing models

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Chris, -Ben-, If you cannot reproduce, show me how you see these objects.

Looks perfectly fine here. The problem is on your side. It looks like LODs are not correctly loaded, which usually means your memory is low. Check that your system drive has enough swap space.

Krataviy, do you limit Arma's memory via launcher/command line ? What's your settings for object details and view distance ?

Open Chernarus pls. Zargabad and it opens well for me

see?? At long distance you do not download trees

Huh? At long distance lower LOD's are used. I don't see your point. This looks exactly how it is supposed to look

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If I had a version of the CUP Core version so 1.10. I would show you the difference.
If you open the Chernorus and Chernorus summer map there, the quality of the trees and the detailing are colossally different. Now models of Chernorus trees have just been installed from Chernorus Summer

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I'm sorry, nobody can reproduce this problem. Either your download is corrupted, you load additional mods, or your settings are strange. In any case, this is not a problem if CUP

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only Arma 3 + CUP Core/Maps v1.0 and only Arma 3 + CUP Core/Maps v1.12.

Do not you see that you have different models?

As I and others said multiple times, we CAN NOT REPRODUCE this problem.

You have already reproduced the problem!

Do you have a model in version 1.0 and 1.12 differ in the quality of drawing at long distances. Either you are blind or you do not want to accept this fact.

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The graphics look like they are supposed to look.