Tatra 810 missing hidden selections
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The there are no hiddenselections for the textures in the okna_ca.paa, and okna2.paa files making it impossible to change the czech flag roundel to something else via retextures.


Affected classnames
CUP_B_T810_Armed_CZ_WDL, CUP_B_T810_Unarmed_CZ_WDL, CUP_B_T810_Refuel_CZ_WDL, CUP_B_T810_Reammo_CZ_WDL, CUP_B_T810_Repair_CZ_WDL, CUP_B_T810_Armed_CZ_DES, CUP_B_T810_Unarmed_CZ_DES, CUP_B_T810_Refuel_CZ_DES, CUP_B_T810_Reammo_CZ_DES, CUP_B_T810_Repair_CZ_DES
Reproducable without other mods?
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I think the roundel okna_ca.paa and okna2.paa is not used on the model, the roundel is on the cabin2_co texture.