HUMMWV awkward (almost unplayable) drive model at top speed
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i have been playing on an Exile server for quite a while and since the admin is to lazy to replace the vehicle, i am reporting this case here in hope it gets fixed.

Recently i have discovered really awkward behaviour of the HUMMWVs on this server (which runs on the map Chernarus).
It seems completly stable and driveable at speeds up to 120km/h, however if you exceed that speed and release the gas the truck goes all in on the handbrakes out of nowhere without me doing anything but maybe steering left and right, which seems to stop at 50km/h where i am able to accelerate by myself again.
Accelerating during the time the HUMMWV magically jams its brakes is impossible.
Here's also a video of it:
Server name and TS are at the end of it.


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  1. I can't find that exact HMMWV in CUP at all so either, I'm blind, it's been scoped=1'd for a reason, or it's not CUP. 2. I did try to test this with the HMMWVs we do have and they couldn't get over 102 km/h in a straight line so if it is a CUP vehicle it either been hidden for a reason or Exile is being Exile again and breaking things.
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