Elcan SpecterDR only has PiP mode
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As in title, other new optics have PiP and 3D mode, while the SpecterDR only has PiP.


Affected classnames
cup_optic_elcan_specterdr, cup_optic_elcan_specterdr_black, cup_optic_elcan_specterdr_od, cup_optic_elcan_specterdr_rmr, cup_optic_elcan_specterdr_rmr_black, cup_optic_elcan_specterdr_rmr_od
Reproducable without other mods?

I'm confused, CUP is in the process of migrating all of its optics over to CBA scripted optics which has an optional PiP peripheral vision feature. Currently, as long as CBA is active, scripted optics will be enabled by default with no way at least I know of to turn it off, barring the peripheral.

As CBA is a hard requirement for CUP, I'm confused as to what the particular issue is here?