MH-47E Doesnt collide properly with the ground if in Advanced Flight Model
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The MH-47E sinks into the ground if i am in Advanced Flight Model. 8/10 times it also results in spontaneous combustion of the air frame as i am trying to take off. Issue is non-existent in Standard Flight Model. Mods running where: CUP - Core, CUP - Weapons, CUP- Vehicles, CBA and CUP - Units.


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jonpas added a subscriber: jonpas.Aug 25 2019, 8:30 PM

Basically, there are 2 solutions:

  1. Model needs to be adjusted upwards; this breaks mission backwards compatibility (helicopters will fall on spawn).
  2. Add ground contact memory points (and I think they must be defined in the RotorLib XML).

I don't really have time or wish to work on AFM compatibility for helicopters that I don't personally, but if anyone else wants to, glad to give some pointers of what I have learned in the past.