TV station building in United Sahrani has too tight balconies and broken doorways
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There are a couple issues with the tv station building in United Sahrani:

  • the balconies are too tight, therefore characters sometimes get stuck trying to move around on them, as a result they get injured or start clipping through the building
  • the roadway LOD on the doorways that access the balconies seems to be broken as the character will sometimes get stuck there also


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Looking at this model is hard. Lots of lines and OB sucks at letting you look at geometry that is behind other geometry. I don't think it is the road LOD, i believe it's the Geo there is a weird step between the interior floor and the balconies, that i have done my best to realign. Hasn't removed the ability to fall through the doorway and get injured but it's made it a bit better.

As for the balconies themselves when testing i didn't really run into any issues as described here but i was able to widen them slightly.

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we could consistently get stuck and clip/die while using it in multiplayer