AK fire mode levers incorrect position
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Some AK models has wrong position of fire mode lever when animated (full auto -> lowest position, semi -> mid position).

Looks like it may be fixed by switching modes in modes[] property, e.g.:
modes[] = {FullAuto,Single,Burst ... } (this will change anim source values and anim position become correct)


Reproducable without other mods?
Dusin created this task.Tue, Sep 10, 9:27 PM
Dusin triaged this task as Low priority.

Full auto in lowest is the current behaviour while Semi in lowest is expected behaviour right?

Dusin added a comment.Wed, Sep 11, 7:35 AM

Yeah, semi should be the lowest.
It was inverted on ak74m (fixed that), so need to review other models and make fixes if needed.