Ref; Blackshark Igla Problem.
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The Blackshark Spawns with Igla Missiles, which also the Manpad variant on it's pylon loading. The major issue is that your Black Shark model is missing two of the pylons that it would otherwise have. The Igla-1V Launchers are part of the under-wingtip countermeasure pods, and would not take up part of the primary attack payload.

For new players and zeus users, trying to change the load out from this isn't easy <I know on some servers, it's flat out no possible even> meaning that in it's stock configuration with cup, it can't even do it's job of engaging armor, when it was designed as such. Having to spawn in helis, and change each load out, and then verify each one correctly changed, and some times, when being attacked, is far from ideal. Worse yet; not every one knows what all the Russian weapons are and only knows attack helicopters should carry AT weapons, and the Igla is hardly that.

Is there a way to have either make it so it carries the Iglas as wing tip mountings as it would in real life? <Though given the lack of any evidence this has been operationally used by Russia, I am unsure they've bothered> or at least some variant dedicated to AT put in for easier spawning?


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