GAZ39371 Vodnik issues
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  1. incorrect visual lod 0.5 in all models: duplicated selections camo1 and camo2, also they're haven't any faces assigned
  2. CUP_GAZ_Vodnik_AGS_Base has wrong cargoAction[] with injured animations. Remove pls
cargoAction[] = {"CUP_BRDM2_Cargo01","passenger_apc_narrow_generic01","passenger_apc_narrow_generic01","passenger_injured_medevac_truck02","passenger_injured_medevac_truck02"};
  1. crooked AGS sight model or whole model issue in // or suspension perhaps

  1. there should be attendant = 1; in CUP_GAZ_Vodnik_MedEvac_Base i think


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In your screen shot it appears that the horizon isn't level to me.

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