BMP-1 doesn't move when crewed by a squad
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BMP-1 refuses to move when it's crew is a part of a squad instead of being a separate group. Seems to work fine

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put down an empty BMP-1
  2. Either stuck a squad into it in Eden or place a squad nearby and and put its "Get In" waypoint onto the BMP
  3. Add one or several "Move" waypoints to the squad, doesn't matter how much or how far away they are

A BMP-2 with the same squad and same waypoints will move as expected. BMP-1 with only its crew and BMP-1 with crew and a squad as a separate group in cargo work as expected as well.

See attached mission for demonstration:


Affected classnames
Reproducable without other mods?
Cambusta created this task.Oct 12 2019, 1:40 PM

The BMP-1 doesn't seem great at following waypoints in general (for instance, in the attached mission the "Crewed BMP-1 + Separate squad" one will tend to overshoot its "Transport unload" waypoint by a hundred meters or so) so maybe it's somehow a PhysX issue? 🤔

what happens with other vehicles? like the bmp from vanilla

Vanilla one (BTR-K Kamysh) works fine with exactly the same waypoints and squad (had to delete two guys who were over-capacity though).

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