Mk. 19 Static Turret
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The static itself can be assembled with Mk 19 Bag and Mk19 Tripod Bag, but no placeable static exists for use in Zeus/other building interfaces.

Mk.19 is one of the only statics not yet ported over from Arma 2


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Confirmed on the latest dev branch, the Mk.19 isn't available to be selected to spawn in as a turret for any side. The only way to gain access to it is through assembly using the bags as described in the ticket (additionally the resulting static that spawns is set to the "Independent" side by default.) Also, considering the fact that the ticket author decided to not properly fill in any of the tags and unsubscribed from their own ticket, a mod or something should go through and manually apply the proper tags so this doesn't get lost in limbo.

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