AUG and progressive trigger (instead of full-auto only)
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the cup AUG is full auto only in game;
in real life it has a progressive trigger (light pull is semi, hard pull is auto)
It's impossible to translate this to a mouse click, but cup could add a semi-auto mode to approximate this and make it easier to shoot single shots

Code makes a possible reference to this issue - CUP_Weapons_Steyr\config.cpp: line 111

showToPlayer = 0; //Delete this if you want Single firemode for player

There is no correct answer for this and I'm sure some will have a problem with a semi-auto mode.


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I support showing the player the semi auto mode; as ARMA does not support progressive triggers having the extra mode will allows the player to choose the method of fire then intend to use.

Additionally, some versions of the AUG (such as those used by Australia and Ireland) have a lockout switch which prevents the trigger from moving into the automatic position.
Australia Army Weapon Systems Handbook Volume 1
Philippines Army Weapon Systems Handbook

The New Zealand version is also reported to have a 3 position selector for Safe, Semi, and Auto.