Object placement issues
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Zub castle : a lot of semi-floating trees on the sides of the steep hill. Some examples :



East of Pulkovo





This shack often has ground clipping issues :

Vybor :




Reproducable without other mods?

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Vybor factory :




Kabanino :


This shack is also regulary horizontaly misplaced :

East of kabanino :

Completed up to this point with revision 6 commit.

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Gras Clutter in Petrolstation by Vybor.
GRID: 036089

Road does not merge smoothly north of Vyshnoye
GRID: 065063

Beach to the right of Kamyshovo has the wrong texture (underwater texture)
GRID: 124034

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Hope position in EDEN is correct:

Bridge and road connection not fit

Roads connection:

Bushes from inside of hangar

Terrain through floor

Some clipping (not critical tbh)

Not sure about this bmp-2...

Crossroad sign is not visible from the road's right lane because of bus stop, so maybe it should be placed next to blue sign?

Road in NASCAR style, with vertical curvature

Guess it should not be inside house... (Tulga)

Same problem with fallen tree, near Tulga

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Some vegetation clipping:

At Solnichniy Factory:

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Completed up to here with commit 17 - 21.

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http://prntscr.com/qvn41n - Rog castle part buried in the ground a bit too much I think

http://prntscr.com/qvn55s - Rog castle round castle wall lower than normal too I believe

http://prntscr.com/qvn6gd - Zub castle a little bit too high, need to jump to get into it

Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place, I've not used this system before

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Black lake and Willow lake :
reeds floating in the air :


These reeds models seem to be a bit too high in many places on Chernarus 2020. The brown part should be less visible (as you did on Skalisky @-Ben- )

East of Khelm, tress inside building:


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