M249s/Minimis can mount Beta-C-Style drum mags
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Looking at the mags accepted by mk16 eglm it should be possible to blacklist the double drum mags like the apex-hk416 ones as they're clipping into the gun.


Reproducable without other mods?
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Clipping kinda sucks, but the M249 can use double drums IRL (at least the Beta C mags).
I'd rather keep functionality.

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Looked up photos, drofseh is right. Though, the ingame mags (both apex & cup) have the middle stack flush with the top of the drums, while the 'real life' middle stack is sticking out considerably. Looking around further, drums for g36 style magwells have the shorter stack


ingame the models for stanag/g36 both come from the g36, I fear that no ones really willing to remodel the magazine for such an edge case of them being used in m249s, so maybe the most time efficient solution would be to adjust the mount point of the stanag variant to be sticking out further, no ones really gonna see when the magazine is only stuck 2 millimetres into the magwell.

then the apex beta-c would have to be blacklisted, but still serve the purpose for ppl wanting to have a more compact appearance with their pocket mg

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Extra large twin-drum was removed from M249 magazineWell. Regarding beta-c... Well clipping sucks, nothing we can do about it.