Mi24 Superhind GI-2 Turret MAX ZERO
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Mi-24 Superhind GI-2 cannon has a theoretical max zero of 3000m - the gun can be zeroed to 3km, but anything past 2100m(2030m to be exact) makes the gun fire as if it has 100m zeroing.

Rounds fall very short of the intended target.

Short 26 second video for reference, targets past 2030m cannot be fired upon. End seconds of video shows zeroing going to max 3000m in top right, however; rounds fired at L 2035m and above act as if zero is set to 100m.
(*Tested with ONLY CUP - Vehicles and related dependencies*)

The Max Effective Range indicated by the producer of the weapon indicates 2,000m.
Zeroing from 2100-3000 should be removed.


Affected classnames
CUP_O_Mi24_Mk4_CSAT_T, CUP_O_Mi24_Mk3_CSAT_T
Reproducable without other mods?