Vodnik and Datsun (PKM) has a PKT instead of PKM
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Probably affects more vehicles.

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Affected classnames
CUP_Datsun_PK_Base, CUP_GAZ_Vodnik_Base
Reproducable without other mods?
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The only Vodnik variants that actually have an incorrect PK variant are the: CUP_O_GAZ_Vodnik_PK_RU and CUP_GAZ_Vodnik_AGS_Base classnames (the BPPU variant does actually have a PKT as it's coaxial gun irl.) Other than that I wasn't able to find any other vehicles with this issue (stuff like the HQ variants of the BTR-90 and BRDM-2 were fictional variants created by BIS in Arma 2, and they decided that PKTs were what they were equipped with, despite what was modeled being PKMs.)