BTR-80 series collective issues
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  • Interior textures look shit
  • Damage textures missing
  • Damage model missing


Reproducable without other mods?
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Not sure if it was left intentionally, but the cargo windows lack PIP. Baseline 80 variant also lacks PIP in turret window.

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Dunno if I need to create a new task or posting here will suffice. The BTR-80 series have a total of 9 interior positions, it should have 10. It's considered 2 crew slots (driver and gunner) and 8 troop slots (commander+7). 3 BTRs should have enough space for a whole Russian BTR Rifle Platoon (29 men, including BTR drivers and gunners), where the first and third vehicles will have the Platoon Commander and Deputy Platoon Commander as their respective commanders and the three sections as passengers (7 men each).
Sources:;ículos-blindados-de-combate/btr-80/;, slides 8 and 10, "экипаж (десант), чел" (shows that also applies to BMP, but I haven't tested it).

One of the front seats is more or less unsuable in Arma because of the turret interferring, therefore this seat cannot be used.

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Why? They're intended to hold the troop commanders, so a standard section of a BTR Platoon should fit entirely in it with a platoon commander (total of 8 troops inside it). I have the impression that those seats should be more forward placed... I found an image (diagram) that shows the crew inside the BTR, how they should be in it, it's the first link on "Sources", down below. Also, there is the video (second link) that shows inside it (7:29-11:20), you can take a glance at the seats (8:32) and seems they're just behind the driver and commander ones, while the CUP one they're more backwards, conflicting with the turret basket and seat. Another video (third link) shows the same thing (3:23), the seats look like they should be more forward.
I know those are only the 80 variant, but this rule should be applied to the 80A, 82 and so on because they have the same "base", the same chassis and their construction is very similar. One should be very close to the other and only have the changes intended. Yet, in CUP, both variants present have the same model, which makes sense.
I've come across this issue due to studies made for my compositions. I've been making correct compositions according to their specific manuals and already have the Russian BTR and USA Stryker ready for creating in Arma 3. CUP was chosen for this because the overall gameplay quality is the best for Arma, as it corresponds to vanilla values (assumed to be the most correct, as BI researched and properly developed it). The only thing that's holding me back is this issue, my composition lacks two seats in the BTR to properly accommodate the Russian troops.
I have this same problem with the Stryker, but that's for another topic. Just to keep record, the Stryker manual specifies 45 men and how they should mount and dismount (fourth link, page 1-41 and on).
In summary, the BTR-80 and its variants should have one more seat, at least.


Just discussing it here. If we think it's a pertinent issue, I'll create a task reporting this and will write what I wrote here. Thank you for your attention!

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As I researched more, I have noticed a mistake made by me, sorry. BTR and BMP Platoons don't have the Senior Rifleman in their compositions, so there's always a vague space on the vehicles. Again, SORRY!
Yes, the BTR and BMP can hold up to 10 people, but they're filled with 8/9 most of the time. Ignore everything I said about Russian compositions and seat distribution.
And thank you all for the great experiences that CUP provides us!