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  1. The gunner primary sight view is from the wrong side of the turret, it should be from "doghouse" in front of the TC cupola.
  2. Coaxial M240 MG have wrong ammunition count. Ready bin holds around 4000 rounds, and in total there is 11400-12000 rounds for 7.62mm machine guns.
  3. TC 12.7mm M2 MG hold 100 ready rounds and in total 1000 rounds.
  4. If these are equivalents to modern variants. Gunner primary sight should have such zoom levels. Day channel have 3x and 10x zoom, and thermal channel have 3x, 6x, 13x, 25x and 50x zoom.
  5. M1A1 TC cupola have 1x front periscope + 3x CWSS sight for the machine gun. M1A2 TC have either CROWS or CITV for his disposal. CITV have only thermal channel with 3x, 6x, 13x, 25x and 50x zoom.



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Remodel is going forward.

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Resolved with remodel