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In the latest version, you added trees from Livonia, but now there are a lot of them on the forest roads for players to pass and AI is impossible. Please check all forest roads and remove excess trees and stones.

there are many such places, so the pictures are just for proof


Reproducable without other mods?
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check road near krasnostav and delete some trees pls

and black castle

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Unfortunately almost all of these pictures are completely void of any useful information as to where these sections of road are. As you may have noticed there are in fact 500+ roads on Chernarus, scanning each of them manually is somewhat labor intensive. So if you are able to provide at least editor co-ordinates then that will speed up the ability to fix them.

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and second question: can you exchange these objects for objects from livonia? for example

I just wanted to know if you yourself want to change everything to Cherno as much as possible or does it make sense to wait for a completely new Cherno ?)
do not be offended, but to connect 9gb cup-core to play 500 mb Cherno2020 - this is exactly too much (sodomy)
p.s. sorry for my google translation

Would be a pretty empty map, building wise, if you only had Enoch objects...

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