Misnamed magazine classes for the Saiga12K
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The magazines are misnamed for the Saiga 12K shotgun.

The CUP_8Rnd_B_Saiga12_xxx mags have 5 rounds and are correctly named 5 round mags in the stringtable
The CUP_20Rnd_B_Saiga12_xxx mags have 12 rounds and are correctly named 12 round mags in the stringtable

Low priority... and obviously legacy issues to change the names now...


Affected classnames
CUP_8Rnd_B_Saiga12_84Pellets_M, CUP_8Rnd_B_Saiga12_84Slug_M, CUP_20Rnd_B_Saiga12_84Pellets_M, CUP_20Rnd_B_Saiga12_84Slug_M
Reproducable without other mods?
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If we change class names that will brake missions.