OD BDUs have texture issue with limbs when soldier has a Tanoan APEX face assigned.
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Making a mission I noticed a weird texture issue with the OD BDUs on the arms and legs. from the wrist up to right above the elbow and from the thigh down to the ankle the fabric is strangely lit and looks too bright an plastic like. However when testing with different soldiers the issue didn't always appear. I finally isolated which soldiers it's related to.

It's only APEX Tanoan identities that cause it, just the black skinned Tanoans, oddly the Chinese identities also from APEX do not cause the issue.

I've attached a screenshot of three soldiers wearing the uniform. Note the soldier on the left who is a Black Tanoan from APEX has the weird sleeve and pant legs. Yet the black soldier in the middle from Vanilla does not have the issue, neither does the white soldier on the right.

This can be reproduced in 3den by giving any solder the OD BDU with long sleeves, right clicking and opening the soldier's attributes and scrolling to identity and selecting any black face with the APEX DLC symbol by it.

I'm not sure if this is something that can be fixed or not by the CUP team, it may be a Bohemia asset issue, I think there's another ticket somewhere related to APEX faces. Reported here anyway just in case.


Reproducable without other mods?