error message while playing - watermode.sqf
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Sorry for not being able to repro exactly when this error occurs. Perhaps the message is clear enough for your analyse:

16:48:31 Error in expression <edVehicles_BTR80\scripts\waterMode.sqf"
["_vehicle", objNull, [objNull]>
16:48:31 Error position: <params
["_vehicle", objNull, [objNull]>
16:48:31 Error Params: Type Bool, expected Number
16:48:31 File CUP\WheeledVehicles\CUP_WheeledVehicles_BTR80\scripts\waterMode.sqf, line 1


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It's reproducible, spawning a BTR80 class (any) on water. This amphibious could be spawned on water surface (that's OK), without error message.

How to fix it (but it's on your turn, I can't change pbo for you):

Your watermode.sqf in the cup_wheeledvehicles_btr80.pbo

could be:

["_vehicle", objNull, [objNull]],
["_mode", 0, [0,TRUE]]

if (isNull _vehicle) exitWith {};
if (_mode isEqualType TRUE) then { _mode = [0,1] select _mode};
_vehicle animate ["splashShield", _mode];
_vehicle animate ["splashShieldPiston1", _mode];
_vehicle animate ["splashShieldPiston2", _mode];
_vehicle animate ["propellerCover", _mode];
_vehicle animate ["RaiseAirDucts", _mode];

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This error gets all JIP players in MP if when they join mission some BTR80/BTR80A is in the water when they join.