CRAM is not configured as UAV
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I believe the following should be in the config for CUP_WV_B_CRAM, but it isn't.


As a result it's not possible to control the CRAM with a UAV terminal and the command unitIsUAV returns false.


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Drift_91 created this task.Apr 24 2020, 3:25 AM
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The same issue exists for all the other ship statics in CUP (CUP_WV_B_SS_Launcher & CUP_WV_B_RAM_Launcher) as well btw, they're not defined as UAVs and as you can see also seem to have some odd textual descriptions leftover in their configs that describe them as "static MGs".

Are bugs handled strictly in the order they're reported, first come first serve? Because I see no other reason for this to be on the backlog for so long; It would literally take all of 10 seconds to fix this, assuming inheritance is set up correctly.

No, bugs are handled on a "when I find the time" basis. So there is a simple reasons why it's in the backlog for so long: No one had time or incentive to look at it.

Also, please no bug bumping

Well I feel this bug is being overlooked. I'm fairly certain it would take less than a minute to fix. Simply add the line isUav=1; to the config of whatever class the static naval defences inherit from. I'd do it myself and make a pull request, but as far as I can tell the repository is closed to the public.

And what do you mean by bug bumping? Did I missclick something when I made my last comment?

Bug bumping is posting anything that does not add anything new to a ticket, as it bumps it back to the top of the list. Looking at it now it appears that it was configured as a UAV, but was commented out for one reason or another.

//isuav = 1;
//uavcameragunnerpos = "camera_pos";
//uavcameragunnerdir = "camera_dir";

Going to check the logs as to why that is