cup_optic_cws incorrect classname and should not be TI.
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We recently replaced 3CB and RHS with CUP.
This involved altering loadouts for players.

After the last operation it came to my attention that the CSW ( cup_optic_cws ) is not a Common Weapon Sight / KITE sight ( an image-intensification night vision scope ) at all.

Instead players were equipped with AWS.
"The AWS is a medium-ranged scope that can toggle between either red-hot thermal or night vision modes.
However, it cannot switch to a non-enhanced day vision mode."

Are there plans to correct the classname, or make a separate classes?

"cup_optic_cws" needs to be 4x night sight - Not thermal!
Seperate classname with thermal imaging - "cup_optic_aws"?

Current replacement / workaround item is "optic_NVS".
That looks baws!


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im a bit confused, are you saying that the scope is not behaving correctly, or are you requesting an extra variant with special features?

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I think he's saying the CWS should not have Thermal capabilities.

"The AWS is Thermal Sight, and the CWS is a Contrast Adjusting Night Sight." - to paraphrase.

"The Common Weapon Sight (CWS) is the British military designation for the KITE sight, an image-intensification night vision scope manufactured by Qioptiq (formerly Pilkington).

The CWS is designed for short to medium range use and can be mounted on various weapons such as the SA80A2/A3 rifle and light machine gun (LMG).".


  • Reconfigure "cup_optic_CWS" so there is no thermal view - NV only.
  • Create new class "cup_optic_AWS" with the current config of "cup_optic_CWS".

Hopefully that makes more sense.

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For backward compatibility i propose to not to change cup_optic_cws, but add new class (e.g. cup_optic_cws_nv) with IRL's NV mode only; then replace stringtables with "AWS" and "CWS".

fine by me, can you take care of it?

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