Mi-8 Medivac Left Door seat
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The left door seat on all Mi-8 medevac helicopters have two seats. One for firing from vehicle, and one for move in cargo passengers.

Also, CDF Mi8 has an Mi17 classname.


Affected classnames
CUP_B_Mi17_medevac_CDF , CUP_O_Mi8_medevac_RU , CUP_O_Mi8_medevac_CHDKZ
Reproducable without other mods?
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Can you add any images, or be more descriptive of the issue? Is it a duplicate seat?

Dalken added a comment.EditedJun 28 2020, 11:30 PM

Not really 100% sure if its a duplicate seat or a mis-placed one.

Seems to be misplaced, if it was duplicate I would think both seats would be fire from vehicle, but only one is.