Takistan road system is seriously messed up // Lots of twisted roads
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There are some annoying and immersion breaking road twists that were introduced with the last major terrain update for Takistan that weren't there before. It seems the road structures were re-built, but haven't been properly checked for errors. I already found 6 issues in 20 minutes by simply following the roads in the editor. IMO this terrain needs some love again.

Position [3472.87,9421.6,0]:

Position [3574.4,4286.07,0]

Position [6123.61,5431.02,0]

Position [6161.57,11143.2,0]

Position [6178.49,11255.7,0]

Position [4885.6,5514.89,0]

Here's a mission.sqm with comments on the positions:

I might add to this later on when I find more of this stuff.

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