FV-432 GPMG passenger issues
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The F432 GPMG has three FFV slots, rear cover, top cover left, and top cover right. If AI is ordered to get in vehicle "anywhere", all three slots will be filled. However as a player only the "rear cover" FFV position can be accessed with the action menu to board.

To reproduce, place a F432 GPMG in the editor, place a player controlled infantryman outside and preview while controlling that soldier. Walk around the vehicle, only get in ride in back and get in rear cover are available.  This is a shame as the animated hatch for the top cover positions has some nice animations.

Another issue is with the "rear cover" FFV position. Players sitting in that position can open the door and fire from it, however... the player can also fire through the door and throw grenades even if it's closed. Not sure if the enemy can shoot through it from the outside if it's closed, or if AI sitting in the position shoots from within like the player can.

Finally, the first five soldiers to get in the "ride in back" slots will show in the seats, but at least five more soldiers can "ride in back" but will be invisible. Getting in as the sixth or later "ride in back" will show the player a view as if they are under the commander/gunners seat.

In this screenshot there are actually seven soldiers riding in the "ride in back" slots. Note that the three empty seats are the FFV slots which are not currently manned.

In the following screenshot, is the player view after boarding a "ride in back" slot as the eighth passenger.


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