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I just played a friends custom cup mission where several of these were placed around a nato base I had to defend and while it was cool to see them attack both ground and air stuff, they seemed pretty weak for a static aa missile. i say this because i had a stinger on me and I managed to be nearly just as, if not more effective against air stuff compared to the static with the stinger one shotting almost all the aircraft it hit while being able to reach out to about the same range.

Now I know the rbs isn't supposed to lock, but the ai that were in control of them were waiting a long time to engage stuff even after they themselves called out the targets, to the point where I could just take out my stinger and shoot it down before they decided to. some quick googling about this revealed that while the rbs does have a less powerful warhead, in compensation it had a range of 8km, with the stinger having a bigger warhead but a range of like 4.5 km. While the stinger seems correct, the rbs seems a little off in the range department, idk how to check that exactly but from what i saw in the mission thats what i concluded. I also saw that the night vision sight for it should be a thermal sight, like the metis has, and not an actual nvg system that is blind in the day.


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What ranges are we talking about here, in game? IIRC I set it to a maximum range of 5000m

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That 5000 meter max range would explain what I was seeing ingame since I was able to engage said air targets with my stinger, which I believe has a max range at or under 5k. so it seems like the rbs' max range needs to be bumped up to 8k if it's gonna be accurate to how it should be performing. And with that being said you might also want to consider adding new zoom levels on the scope for those ranges, since as it is you won't even be able to really spot stuff out to 8k.

proper guidance for the rbs70 is impossible in the engine, the current saclos guidance is not accurate enough to be used effectively. IRL the targeting system does some automation for the gunner and they only have to slew the camera on target, which we cant replicate in this game